Sevrin Daniels

Directorial Samples


Directorial Samples

As one of the pioneers of graphic design for motion, Sevrin was largely self taught. His thirst for education in the subject has never waned and has culminated in developing his philosophy “Design Through Applied Wisdom”.

Sevrin has been featured three times in the Communication Arts Design Annual, four times Stash Featured Artist. He is replete with awards including the CA Award of Excellence, multiple Telly’s and Addy’s as well as several Broadcast Design Awards. His creative prowess was brought to bear on projects for Fortune 100 companies as well as movie titles, music videos and was personally responsible for rebranding the Sundance Film Festival three years in a row.

With his pockets full of ideas, good intentions and visions of a better world, Sevrin is busy evolving the art of designed storytelling. As he moves through the world, Sevrin’s enthusiasm and compulsion for visual communication is apparent in his wake. His devotion is apparent in every project he approaches, including being a dad to two really lucky little girls.

Obsessed with design and visual storytelling, Bobby has spent nearly 3 decades perfecting his craft. He began his career in print and migrated through the nascent stages of web and interactive arriving to help fashion the next generation of motion based design. Bobby keeps pushing the limits of motion design, applying his vision to create award-winning content for clients ranging from Coca-Cola to Nike and Sony Pictures to Microsoft.

With every project Bobby chooses to take on, his passion and commitment to excellence is reflected. Whether it be entertainment, automotive, technology or something involving vintage motorcycles he’s almost always waving his hands behind a camera.







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